Aerial Work Platforms are used in a wide range of industries and construction sites where the workers need to perform tasks at height safely and efficiently. To meet the various needs of the industries, Mtandt Group offers a range of aerial lift equipment including Scissor lifts, Boom lifts, and Spider lifts. However, boom lifts make an ideal choice when you need to lift workers and tools to extended heights to get the job done. There are two different types of boom lifts that dominate the market today – Articulated and Telescopic. Choosing the right boom lift for your project will not only make the project efficient but will also ensure the safety and profitability of the task. Thus, knowing the difference between the two lifts is necessary to help you make the right selection. In the following blog, we will tell you the difference between Articulated and Telescopic booms and why you should choose either of the two for your project. Articulated boom lift: An Articulated boom lift, also known as a “knuckle boom” contains many sections that articulate at various angles, allowing the operator to work over obstacles and barriers. This versatile equipment offers more flexibility compared to the telescopic boom because an articulating boom can reach out to areas that are narrow and hard-to-reach safely and efficiently. A quick fact! The tallest articulating boom lift made today has a lift height of 150 ft. and a 75-ft reach. Articulated boom lifts are available in both diesel and an electric power source. Those industries that are required to work outdoors, opt to rent/buy diesel-powered boom lift, while for indoor operations, an electric articulated boom lift would be ideal as it ensures less noise and comes with non-marking tyres. Why choose Articulated boom lift? 
  • If you need access in tight, congested spaces, an articulated boom lift would be the best choice for the job, as it allows operators to fit in very narrow or congested spaces.
  • Articulating booms have less horizontal outreach than telescopic booms and provide greater versatility reach in between, over, or under obstacles at project sites.
  • Articulated boom lifts come with non-marking tyres and are available in both diesel and electric-powered versions, which make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usages. They also have models that are designed for rugged, unimproved construction sites, which makes these suitable to travel even on rough terrains.
Telescopic boom lift: Telescopic boom lift, also known as “stick boom” or “straight boom” typically ranges in height from 30-180 ft. and sometimes even 185 ft. They are aerial work platforms with boom sections that extend telescopically. These boom lifts have two large conjoined segments of which, one remains stationary and the other can be adjusted upwards and outward. Telescopic booms offer extended outreach than any other aerial platforms, making it ideal for areas with limited access in construction, industrial, entertainment, road building, etc. A telescopic boom, based on your requirements, is available with both electric and diesel-powered engines. Why choose Telescopic boom lift? 
  • Along with impressive heights, Telescopic boom lifts are ideal for large spaces where precise mobility is needed.
  • Telescopic booms provide access to work from a distance, they extend quickly and can access areas blocked by rough terrain or places where the lift itself can’t get into. Also, rough terrain telescopic booms come with outriggers that ensure stabilization and safety of the platform while working at height.
  • Although these booms are also available with both electric and diesel-powered engines, they typically run on standard fuel, which makes it the best choice for outdoor project work.
  • Since Telescopic boom lifts can operate quickly, they make a good choice for projects such as roofing, repairing bridges, painting, and constructing or repairing roadways, as these tasks need to be completed within a fixed deadline.
No matter which type of boom lift you choose for your project, keeping it maintained is the key to a safe and functional worksite. Here’s where you can rely on us. At Mtandt Group, you can enjoy quick service and support from our experts. Along with quick service, you can also rely on us for renting out your equipment as we have a database of verified vendors, which can make your renting process safe and protected. To know more about renting boom lifts or other equipment, contact us.
Posted By: prakash kumar singh